At Your Office

Healthy on-site food, hassle-free

Our contract catering service gives your business all the benefits of healthy food, without any drain on your resources. We take care of everything, from menu development to delivery, service and clean up, in fact there’s lots of reasons to make us your healthy catering partner.

The business benefits of Counter Culture’s healthy catering:

Increased productivity – our healthy meals boost focus and concentration

Elevated motivation – your staff will be energised by the nutritious foods

Increased retention – high quality catering is seen by staff as a reason to stay in a role

Attract the best talent – the very best want perks such as great quality, convenient lunches

Embodies brand values – a forward thinking catering service is a physical representation of your approach to business

Boosts employee engagement – staff feel appreciated and have raised goodwill to the business

Sends positive statement to customers – by taking care of your employees, customers will trust you to take care of them too

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