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Good for you, good for business.

Healthy food is good for you, nothing new there. But we think it’s good for your business too. Food packed with nutrients, vitamins and honest wholesome goodness is what bodies were built to run on. And when we’re eating the right stuff, we’re sharper, quicker, energetic and engaged – meaning we’re more focused and get more done.

Providing this body and brain food for your staff is, well, a no-brainer really. The ROI is instant, with employees delivering more efficiency and increased productivity. More than this, they’ll feel better too – because of the good food, because of greater job satisfaction and because they know you care about them. Food is good for business.

Business benefits of providing nutritious food

Your employees will be healthier

We are what we eat, so give your staff energising, nutrient-rich food and they’ll be knocking it out of Croke park all day. A healthy team means more focus, less illness, better quality of work, and increased productivity.

Afternoons get energised

Food coma, afternoon naps, ‘the slump’ – whatever you call it, it’s a productivity pit and it happens because your staff are eating lunch was a processed, beige nothing. Getting the right lunch inside your team will boost their energy levels for the afternoon, giving them the right balance of protein, carbs and veg to sustain productivity into the evening.

The best talent wants more than just a roll

Kick-ass catered food doesn’t just make your existing staff happy, it encourages them to stay with you. And a high retention rate is a powerful way to increase your bottom line. Even better, great food attracts great talent – it’s a benefit that shows you value and invest in your people. If you’re after Millennials, food is one way to get them.

Breaking bread

Your employees spend at least eight hours together every day, imagine how much they’d look forward to work if those colleagues were also their friends. Eating food together is proven to build bonds and lunchtime is downtime when your team can relax together over a delivered lunch.

Building your brand

You can’t build a brand on an empty stomach, or one full of meal deal sandwiches and pizza. Oh no. By investing in healthy catering, you’re bringing your brand values to life in an immensely powerful way that everyone can appreciate. Staff will feel valued and buy into the brand, and your customers will reap the benefits of invigorated and motivated employees.

Food that’s matched to your business

We provide a completely flexible catering service, allowing you to create the ideal package for your business. Choose from Fully Catered, where you cover the whole cost, or Subsidised, where you contribute a few euros per meal and your employees pay the rest. We’ll man the tills.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all on the menu, or any combination of the three – just get in touch or call us on 01 478 9457 for a chat about what you’re after.