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At Counter Culture, we provide an easy way to give your staff healthy meal options every day. Our contract catering service delivers freshly-made, nutritious food, prepared with a passion and delivered to your door, or desk. Our chef’s recipes follow trends and set them too, always using the best, ethically sourced ingredients.

Healthy food, hassle free.

Choose from fully catered, giving your employees completely free, nutritious meals – or Subsidised where you chip in a few euros per meal and your employees cover the rest. We can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, either cooked onsite or delivered.

Beat the 3pm slump

Our menus are designed to bring a healthy eating ethos to your workplace, ensuring your colleagues are eating well and their afternoons are energised! Each of our meals has been created to feed both body and mind, helping you concentrate, stay focused, keep motivated and live well.

It’s a piece of cake

Our contract catering service gives your business all the benefits of healthy food, without any drain on your resources. We take care of everything, from exciting menus and the delivery of freshly-made food to on-site service and even clean up.

To discuss the wellbeing of your greatest asset – get in touch at 01 478 9457 or send us an email here.