Our Food

Beat the 3pm slump

Our menus are designed to bring a healthy eating ethos to your workplace, ensuring your colleagues are eating well and their afternoons are energised! Each of our meals has been created to feed both body and mind, helping you concentrate, stay focused, keep motivated and live well.

Responsible catering

More than just good for your staff, our contract catering service is good for your business as a whole. Our ethical and sustainable approach to food ensures local produce is bought wherever possible – if we can walk to get it, we will, which keeps carbon footprints down. Plus, by choosing Counter Culture, you’re also helping to support local independent suppliers, growers and jobs.

To discuss the wellbeing of your greatest asset – get in touch at 01 478 9457 or send us an email here.

3 Mercer Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
t: 01 478 9457 | e: info@counterculture.ie
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