About us

There isn’t one particular reason why Ronan and I founded Counter Culture but actually three.

A few years ago I was at the launch of a book called ‘The First 1,000 Days’ while I was pregnant with our little girl Elsie. It was a book put together by a number of different foodies and chefs with healthy meals and treats for children. The whole ethos behind the book was to get away from processed children’s food and provide them with a variety of tasty; appealing and most importantly healthy food.

Our little guy loved the chicken risotto and the sugar free ice cream as did I – so from there I was inspired. Secondly both myself and Ronan train and are huge fans of BodyByrne gym on Clarendon Street. We’ve both learned so much about diet and nutrition from our trainers Paul Byrne and Amanda Kelly that it seemed a shame not to use all this newfound knowledge for a bigger project.

Lastly when it comes to starting a new business anyone will tell you that having a different hook or idea is the best way to start out. There are a few good places around the city that serve great healthy food such as the Kemp sisters Alchemy on Grafton street (we’re both huge fans of everything they do!) and a couple of others that are well established – but we felt that there was far from enough on offer for the clean food lover, be they novice or aficionado.

So Counter Culture was born. We pride ourselves in producing high quality, fresh as can be, healthy, tasty food – made to order. Whether you choose to eat on site or order from us through the exceptionally fast Deliveroo.
We love what we do and hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy making it.

Ronan & Pam
3 Mercer Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
t: 01 478 9457 | e: info@counterculture.ie
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